About Us

AEROGOGO is a company that specializes in the research, development, and design of innovative automatic inflatable lightweight products. Their core team of professionals has expertise in mini air pump appliances, aerodynamics, automatic inflation technology, and composite fabrics. After 3 years of continuous trial production and design improvements, they have successfully created the most exclusive and innovative “One-click automatic inflatable lounger” with an integrated electric air pump. This product allows customers to automatically inflate the lounger with just a simple touch, providing them with leisure comfort that helps release stress, boost energy, and fuel their day.

Since its successful launch, the GMV of AEROGOGO inflatable loungers has doubled and grown continuously, ranking it as one of the top "most-popular" smart inflatable beds in the industry on many e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Ali Express. AEROGOGO's products are exported to various countries, including the USA, UK, France, Japan, South Korea, and Australia, and are highly favored and sought after by consumers in both China and overseas.

AEROGOGO has designed a series of automatic inflatable products for different scenes, including home, travel, picnic, outing, office, departure lounge, and airport lobby, to satisfy multi-functional applications. They cater to life enthusiasts and explorers and offer awesome products to make adventures and journeys more fun and easy. With their focus on research, development, and design, AEROGOGO aims to provide innovative and high-quality products to customers worldwide.