How to Make Tent Set Up Easier

Most people's first impression about a tent must be its complicated metal frame and takes time to set up by yourself. It can be a big challenge for hands-on ability which is not very user-friendly for those butterfingers.

Worry-free assembly or even assembly does not exist at all! The GIGA tent is electric inflatables. All you need to do is just press the button, and it can be up automatically. Also, the GIGA Tent will automatically stop inflating when it has enough air. Extremely friendly for most campers and the inexperienced!

The whole body of the GIGA Tent is composed of 4 brown double thickened inflatable air beams, which are stronger, more stable, durable and make you feel safe. It is also equipped with a set of ground pegs and wind ropes. You can anchor the tent using the pegs. Thanks to the flexibility provided by the inflatable air beams, the inflatable tent can withstand strong winds and storms very well (tested to withstand up to level 7). It won't deform or collapse under wind pressure, as the air beams are flexible enough to bend and stretch and then come back to their normal shape.