A Guid How To Set Up One-button Inflatable Sofa

Are you tired of moving bulky traditional sofa? Or need an extra sofa when gathering outdoor with friends? You may come up with a solution, air sofa is the best choice. However, the traditional air sofa either needs an extra air pump to inflate or inflating manually.
Just forget these troubles behind.
Aerogogo BS2 one-button automatic inflatable sofa with built-in air pump technology is absolutely the perfect combination of inflation and sofa. Simply press the button, the inflatable sofa will be fast inflated with the built-in electric air pump and you can have a comfortable sofa instantly. Keep your hands free entirely. Even kids can easily operate.
The design of Aerogogo sofa is ultralight and foldable to just a backpack size. It's perfect for both indoor and outdoor but not limited to this. Aerogogo one-touch inflatable sofa is also adaptable to car. Leave one in your car and everytime you take this magic sofa out, everyone will say you are the hero.

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